Preschool & Reception

Our Early Years Department offers your child a first introduction to a structured learning environment, where they are encouraged to use their initiative, become independent, respectful and creative.

   Our Preschool classes cater for children of three years of age, and seek to provide a structured and balanced, yet interesting and stimulating environment. Children are guided by their dedicated and experienced teachers to learn by consciously discovering the world around them through their own experiences and by acquiring skills that are necessary to prepare them for their future school life through play. Your child is introduced to a number of age-adequate topics throughout the school year. Arabic and Islamic Studies, PE, Library and Music are also part of the curriculum.

   Our Reception classes formally introduce your child to the National Curriculum subjects including Literacy and Numeracy. In Reception, all children learn to read and write, and build on the skills they have acquired in Preschool. Your child will continue to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world through a variety of exciting topics, and during ‘carpet time’, is encouraged to share their opinions and experiences with the whole class. Arabic and Islamic Studies, PE, Library and Music are also part of the curriculum, however, there is still plenty of time for structured and meaningful play as well as free play.

   All children are assessed continuously throughout the school year, and their progress and development will be noted. A formal School Report will be given to parents at the end of each term.

Preschool and Reception Teachers